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FOV Feature Request

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FOV Feature Request was created by AirBourn

I have a Falcon Pegasus field rotator and love it.  Works excellent.  Love the ability to load a FITS file and slew to the target with the matching FOV position angle matching the file.  This works great if I want to continue imaging a target previously worked, since I can just load up an existing image.  Unfortunately, if I'm starting a new project, I have to use an external tool to create a FITS file with the framing I want for my new target.  I use Dark Dragons Astronomy Mosaic Planner (mosaic.darkdragons.space) which works great, but I have to export the framing file, then transport it to my onboard rig computer to load and slew.

KStars has a good FOV system where I can specify my imaging specs, including FOV position angle, but it's a bit clumsy to drill down to the dialog to edit the FOV rotation.  My request is twofold:  First, some simple keyboard shortcuts to quickly change the displayed FOV rotation angle.  From there, once I'm happy with the FOV framing, I'd like a menu command or something to send that FOV framing (including the rotation of course) to the alignment module to slew to the FOV, using the solver to precisely match the target - just like the Load & Slew functionality.  This would be a huge timesaver!  (and really cool!)
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