INDI Library v1.9.9 Released (30 Nov 2022)

Bi-monthly INDI Library released with new drivers and bug fixes.

Internal guider shift when loosing guide start with cloud

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@Ron Clanton:   Jasem seems to release a new version about every 2 months. The last one, 3.5.7, was released in mid-January so I'd expect that these changes would come out in 3.5.8 which would likely be released in mid-March.
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I'm not sure that it would consume too much time in capture - or perhaps it's time some people would be willing to invest for the sake of properly framed images. To grab some hard numbers, I used StellarSolverTester from stellarsolver-2.2 to test a random capture from last night (Helix Nebua). Using either of "1-Default" or "4-SmallScaleSolving" profiles, stellarsolvertester reported taking 1.678s to solve the image, on my rpi4.

In my view, that's quite acceptable, being not much longer than a frame download (0.73s), and it's less than 1% of my typical exposure duration (240s). I expected that stellarsolver would find a solution quickly since it isn't running blind: it has a very good hint of where the center is expected to be, and probably knows what pixel scale and FoV size are. Additionally, this solving could be asynchronous: optimistically start the next exposure, solve in the background, if the target is appropriately aligned do nothing. If it's obviously wrong, abort the exposure (like a guiding constraint) and realign. If it doesn't solve ... consult a checkbox to decide whether to abort and realign, or ignore it and try again later.
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Chris, this feature is present since a while - presuming you are using the scheduler.

Take a look at the EKOS >> Scheduler options, there is the field "Verify captured image position" and below "Reset pipeline if verified image delta exceeds"

I have the check running for each captured frame and set the limit to 0.5 arc minutes.

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