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Meridian Flip and Capture - 2 questions

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Hi there - looking for information or confirmation on 2 things I noticed when doing long exposure captures and triggering the shutter via pre-capture script.

Kstars 3.5.7 Stable on Linux
INDI drivers also recently updated with all the latest updates from the PPA

  1. is the pre-capture script suppose to be executed BEFORE a meridian flip is initiated during a capture sequence? 
    1. MF was successfully completed after pre-capture script was executed and returned 0 (success) result - but unfortunately the shutter had already been opened by the pre-capture script
    2. I have log showing this if it is not the expected behaviour
  2. does a capture sequence check for a pending MF before starting a capture or does it simply wait until the current capture is completed and then check if MF is pending?
    1. If it does check before capture - how does it determine if a flip is pending and if it should perform MF or the capture?
    2. I was doing very long exposures (1700sec - approx 29min) and a capture was started about 7min before the MF was set to happen (as shown in the mount tab)
    3. after the capture was started - the mount tab changed status to "MF waiting"  and logs show this as well
    4. after the capture completed - the MF was completed successfully - but mount had already moved far past the 0.1h (6min) MF limit I had set on the mount tab
Log of the entire session available if either of these 2 are not expected behaviour and need investigation. (verbose logging of INDI, Capture & CCD were still enabled from a different issue I was trying to figure out)
More than happy to run the session again with any additional logging or settings enabled if required.
Since I had never done a capture requiring a MF - I made sure the capture was of an object near the horizon so there was never any danger to the equipment and I could allow the sequence to complete uninterupted.

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1. Pre-capture scripts runs before each capture, regardless of MF.
2. It waits until current capture is completed before initiating the MF.
Jasem Mutlaq
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Thank you for confirming this.
I'll keep it in mind when planning sequences.
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