INDI Library v1.9.8 Released (29 Sep 2022)

Bi-monthly INDI Library released with new drivers and bug fixes.

Announcing StellarSolver 2.0

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Did you do an update of kstars? I've seen that change some settings (like toolbar visibility) now and then, though I don't really understand how that happens (unless options get renamed?).

I also only had one run so far with the new scheme, and focus seemed clearly better than before. I'd like to get some more data, including focus debug messages....
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Really I don't understand what's happening here. I thought that the changes to use G channel by default was in place, but after a long pause for weather and health problems I've been again under stars with bad results.

I'm using 64bits Stellarmate with KStars 3.6.0 (the latest stable one).
On FITS viewer, I've configured 3D Cube checked and WCS checked (this latest is not needed).
On the focus module, I've configured detection SEP and SEP profile to the standard 1-Focus-Default. The algorithm used is Linear 1 Pass (but I think that doesn't matter)

With this configuration I expect that the focus algorithm will use the green channel or the average of them (I don't remember which one was the final decision). But what I've found is that it keeps using the R channel with bad results for the other two. This is the top left corner. You can see how the spikes of the bright star begins to duplicate and separate, also, this will show coma on G and B channels:




So my question is: are there any way to influence which channel is used that I'm not aware of if?. Are there any information logged out about the kind of image StellarSolver is using here?

Thanks a lot
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