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Linear 1 Pass focussing problem

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In addition to Nou's suggestion, you may want to try with alternative star selection definitions that exclude more small stars. I have had a problem in the past when I was too far off focus to begin with due to rapid cooling, and my larger out of focus stars were being interpreted as smaller multiple stars. With this situation it doesn't do well as there is no trend.
I also find that with the hyperbola fitting the weighting option helps.
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Hi David,

This is the option to check to save the focus images...

Would be helpful so see some images of the v-curve. In order to focus you need to defocus enough to get a decent v-curve but not too much so that the stars disappear or deform so much as to give false readings. Its not possible to say how much this is, that would cover all the equipment possibilities, so you have to experiment.

I'm not aware of documentation for the simulators unfortunately so you have to play around or look at the code. You can for example, replay focus images previously stored in order to test out different star detection parameters.

Good luck!
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Ah yes that's it thanks. I am experimenting on the lines you mention and having the focus images will really help.

I have just logged a bug that I thought was an Auto Focus issue but now I am not so sure after turning on more de-bugging. Last night I set up just a capture sequence (not a job) to take RGBL images in that order. Because I have problems auto focussing, I decided to turn off most events that trigger auto focus. It took 10 x RGB images and when it got to L an auto focus was triggered because it was the 30th frame. The auto guider failed to get an image so aborted then capture aborted as well and that was it, no more imaging for the night. I think it's to do with the ZWO driver using 2 ZWO cameras. You may not be interested in camera driver issues but forum topic number is #86436.
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