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Ekos FAQ

Ekos FAQ was created by Jasem Mutlaq

1. Where is Ekos Documentation?

Latest Ekos Documentation .

2. Any Ekos video tutorials?

Few Ekos tutorials online .

3. What is the basic usage procedure for Ekos in the field?

I set up my equipment every time since I don't have an observatory. I would say a slightly different set of steps though.

1. Set up equipment.
2. Polar align with polar align scope.
3. Balance and Collimate the scope. (If needed)
4. Turn it all on and go inside. (my Raspberry Pi is strapped to the scope).
5. Connect via KStars from my Laptop inside and focus with the focus routine
6. Use the skymap or mount model tool to slew to several objects and plate solve to align the telescope
7. Use KStars skymap or "Whats Interesting" to locate an interesting target and slew to it.
8. Plate solve again for good measure.
9. Calibrate and Start Guiding.
10. Set up sequence in Capture Module
11. Start the sequence and watch a movie.

4. How do I select different focal lengths for my telescope with reducers..etc?

There are two ways to do this:

1. In your profile page, create a new telescope that has the effective focal length along with the reducer, and then save this profile under a new name so you can switch between the reducer and non-reducers profiles.

2. Keep one profile, but in Ekos Mount tab, you can define up to 6 different named configurations. If you plan to use this method, your Ekos profile telescope+guider selection should always be set to Default, because it was set to something else, then these values will always be used and override any configurations you defined in the Mount tab.
Jasem Mutlaq
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