INDI Library v1.9.0 Released (23 Apr 2021)

Major INDI Library release v1.9.0 bring significant internal changes championed by @pawel-soja to modernize core INDI Library drivers and clients. New drivers for DeepSkyDad Flat Panel & Pegasus devices plus further improvements to PCM8 drivers.

Focus module - Max travel

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I don't know if this is a bug, or just me not understanding how this works - but I'm having some issues with the Max travel value.
The documentation I can find all seems to agree that this is the maximum 'distance' of travel permitted before the auto-focus process will abort. Except, this does't seem to be the only function.
The biggest value I can enter is 100000, and on my scope (SW80 with Sesto Senso focus motor), starting at position 0 being fully retracted, 100000 doesn't get me to the focus point. Whilst this isn't a huge problem (because I can arbitrarily set position 0 to be anywhere I like and so focus is within range) it is annoying. This isn't only during an autofocus cycle, I am usually trying to move from 0 to ~170000 (yes, I know, but my scope flightcase isn't big enough to leave it focused during storage).
I've tried moving to 100000 and then moving again, but this doesn't seem possible.

So am I missing something here, or is this how it is intended to work?


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Thanks for the report, this isn't related to Focus module per se, the 100,000 value is hardcoded in the driver itself. I just thought it would be enough all cases, but apparently not! So I'll update it now to 200,000. Changes should be in the nightly PPA build until the next stable release is out.
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