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INDI Library v1.7.9 is mostly a maintenance release to fix a few bugs in several drivers.

Fedora29/Ekos Guiding

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Fedora29/Ekos Guiding was created by rutledgechris

Hello Everyone,

Any one else had a chance to try KStars/Ekos with the new Fedora 29 release? I upgraded shortly after it was released and got a clear night this past Saturday. Well, I didn't get far -- Could not get guiding to calibrate.

Now, I had been using PHD2 due to the QHY5 loop/stop driver hang in Ekos. The problem manifests itself as a time out largely during RA reverse. Many attempts to diagnose the issue with PHD2, I tried Ekos/Internal with the QHY5 driver -- same thing.

So, I turned to the simulators. I did not expect it, but I can reproduce this issue using nothing but the simulators.

Here is my latest attempt with the simulators (Guider: CCD Simulator Guider, Via: CCD Simulator):
2018-11-05T14:23:38 GUIDE_RA: Scope cannot reach the start point after 35 iterations. Possible mount or backlash problems...
2018-11-05T14:21:33 RA drifting reverse...
2018-11-05T14:21:16 RA drifting forward...
2018-11-05T14:21:16 Calibration started.
2018-11-05T14:21:16 Auto star selected.

Installed Software

I would be real curious to know if any others out there can reproduce this with other Fedora 29 installs.
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