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INDI Library v1.8.0 is mostly a maintenance release to fix a few bugs in several drivers.

Can't connect consustenlty to Canon T3i Camera

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Can't connect consustenlty to Canon T3i Camera was created by werper


I am running Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on a RPI 3B with a 128GB micro SD card. I have the latest bleeding version of Indi installed on the RPI and use a profile in Indi Web Manager for my hardware: iOpron iEQ45 PRo, Canon DSLR and QHY CCD. I connect via WiFi from a Windows 10 PC from which I run Kstars/Ekos. Ekos connects to my mount and QHY guide camera 100% of the time, no problem. However, Ekos only connects to my Canon T3i about 1 out of 20 attempts or ~ 5% of the time. I find to get it to connect to the Canon at all, i need to boot everything first while keeping the Canon turned off. Then ounce everything is running, turn the Canon on, wait 20 seconds, and THEN and ONLY then, play the "start" button in Ekos. Even then, most of the time Ekos does not make the connection, in which case I have to turn off the Canon, disconnect and "stop" Ekos, then turn the Canon back on, and start Ekos again - HOPING this time it'll connect. Obviously, this is no good and renders the RPI system useless.

I get the following error message in Ekos:
2018-12-31T18:35:35: [ERROR] Can not open camera: Power OK? If camera is auto-mounted as external disk storage, please unmount it and disable auto-mount.
2018-12-31T18:35:35: [ERROR] Camera_get_config failed (-2): Bad parameters

I have turned of auto-mounting in Ubuntu via the dconf Editor, by following these instructions I found, which did not help:

I've researched this problem at GREAT length and see it's a fairly common problem for Canon DSLRs. Unless I can find a consistently reliable solution, this problem is a complete deal-breaker and will force me to go back to using my laptop along with Sequence Generator Pro and PHD, or Backyard EOS, or Astrophotography Tool. I have a background in Network Administration and am VERY computer literate, but am a total noob with Linux.

ANY and ALL help is GREATLY appreciated!! I really like the idea of using a RPI-based system and Kstars/Ekos look outstanding!! I firmly believe this is the way astrophotography is headed and I'm SO close to making this a viable system/solution for my rig, so I'm not about to give up trying.

Thank you for your time and any help you can give - I know there's many others out who have the exact same problem using this system with their Canon DSLR. If we can put this bug to bed once and for all, many others besides myself will become successful RPI - Indi - Kstars/Ekos users and evangelists!

Tom Bardenwerper
Celestron C8-N
iOptron iEQ45 Pro
Sterrmate OS (beta) RPi 4, 4GB
Dedicated WiFi Network
Canon T3i DSLR - Primary Cam
QHY5L-II-M - Guide Cam
Astromania 60 Guide Scope
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