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April 2020 release of INDI Library v1.8.5 introduces new drivers while providing fixes and improvements to existing devices and core framework.

Solver failed on MocOS (possibly due to conflict with local Python???)

1 year 4 months ago
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Solver failed on MocOS (possibly due to conflict with local Python???) #33306
Normally I use a Linux Mini PC for running Ekos but tonight I drove to a very dark location 2h from my home and I forgot it, so I tried to use my MacBook for imaging. I have KStars 3.0.0 running on it and connected all my gear. I had some hickups getting all to work because I haven't used my MacBook with KStars/Ekos for nearly 6 months now but in the end it worked. Until I tried polar alignment. Getting an image from my Canon DSLR worked just fine but plate solving simply failed. Unfortunately that's all the error message I got: Solver failed. Fortunately the complete command line with options was logged so I copied and pasted that into an iTerm2 terminal and lo and behold! the solver works fine.

I *think* that my local Anaconda install or perhaps python installed via homebrew interferes with KStars but, regrettably, I don't know because of the poor error messaging. I have attached both the KStars logs from tonight and the output of the command executed in the terminal. Would it be possible somehow to increase verbosity of the plate solver when run from within KStars? Perhaps that could help debugging and potentially solving the issue when in the field.

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