INDI Library v1.7.6 Released. (27 Feb 2019)

First release of 2019 comes with quite a few new drivers across the board along with significant performance improvements to INDI camera and live streaming performance. Many drivers received significant updates to improve performance & stability, while a few were re-written from scratch to be in line with INDI standards. Here are some of the highlights:

New option Meridian flip issu in Mount tab / Kstars

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New option Meridian flip issu in Mount tab / Kstars was created by Frank L

Sorry for my bad english :(
There is a great option in the new kstars 3.1 or in the nighty build 3.1.1 : the meridian flip option in the mount tab !
But there is a but.
When i check the box and choose for example ha > 0.01 and then when I point the Mount at any object (whatever the side), in the Mount tab, the status of the option changes to "active " with a mention like "processing meridian flip" and a small Wheel turrns ans turns but nothing happens (I specify that the mount is not at all at the point of passage of the Meridien). So, impossible to take a picture because there is blocking in the tab of the camera (again, a small Wheel turn with the mention meridian flip).
And this continues even if I park the mount. Unchecking the option in the Mount tab does not change anything
The only way to get back to normal is to disconnect and then close Indi and then reconnect.

My system : A tinkerboard (ubuntu 18.04 Bionic) where al my system is connected : EQ6R PRO via EQMod, GPSD, Pegasus UPB and focuscub, Polemaster camera and 2 zwo.


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