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[Improvement thoughts] Show Alt/Az error for Ekos polar alignment module

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I love the Ekos polar alignment module and have been using it without issue for a few month. However, one thing that troubles me is that the correction vector does not reflect to Alt/Az motion on the mount. Also the vector is not "attached" to the star so I often lose track of the star that I'm trying to center. Thirdly, if the initial alignment is way off (like 3deg), the vector is too long to fit in the view of a 1deg guider.

Based on my observation of other tools (namely the one on ASI Air), we could make it automatically select a star and show the leveled correction vector (I think direction maybe problematic since the mount does not whether the image is mirrored or not, but leveling should be ok). We could track the star using a similar mesh building method like the one in ASTAP and astrometry.

I'm wondering if the kstars team already has a roadmap for this feature, and if not I'm glad to contribute although I might need someone to evaluate the above and point me to the good direction for implementation.
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Unfortunately there isn't anyone now actively working on this, so it would be greatly appreciated to get any help to improve the situation. I agree with all your points above but it would take quite a bit of time & experience to resolve these issues. I'd be happy to assist you in whatever way possible. Perhaps first step is to set up a development environment. If you check out KStars Git repo here: invent.kde.org/education/kstars

You'll find all the necessary instructions to get started. The IDE is your choice, though I expect most developers are using QtCreator.
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OK, I will get started and see what I can do
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I like this idea.
It would also like to have the polar alignment to be more intuitive.
For example the iPolar interface I think is great: just move x toward y and you're set. It zooms automatically when you're closer by so it increases the feedback on what you're doing live.

Maybe a live calculation of the residual error would be nice as well, so you know when it's enough.

And have it do a check on the way (movement) back again and re-compute the PA error (while we're moving anyway).
Also, once the image is taken, we can start moving to the next angle already, right? I get that it now waits for a plate-solve, but that hasn't failed me ever, using reasonable setting.

I'd like to help program some things like these, but have a hard time figuring out the PA routine structure as it is. And need to set up some sort of VM on my W10 laptop.
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