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Astrometry -- Guide scope vs primary scope

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At high magnification (and with DSLR's with many pixels), plate solving with the primary scope can be slow and painful at times. My guide camera is far faster and more reliable at plate solving. Maybe this is already implemented, and I missed it... but sometimes it's a pain to get the guide scope perfectly aligned with the primary scope...and I'd like to know if Indi/Ekos could help me be just a bit lazier than I already am! :> If Indi / Ekos has done plate solving and understands the relative position of each scope (guide and primary), would it be possible to use the guide scope to do plate solving and positioning of the mount... while correcting for the relative difference in pointing between it and the primary scope? In other words, could the mount model take into account the difference in the pointing of the guide scope vs the primary scope? Maybe some basic calibration step would be needed so that each scope had done a couple plate solves in order to build this model...

Dumb idea? Already there and I didn't catch it in the manual? Thanks!
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