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Manually Run Startup Script

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I'm trying to test a startup script, but it gives me an error that "cannot run startup procedure while indi devices are not online". My devices are all online though.

Searching for that error returns very few results other than the actual code. I looked at the code and found a comment that says
/* FIXME: Probably issue a warning only, in case the user wants to run the startup script alone */

I'm not an expert, but it seems like the logic is checking to see if indi is idle vs. actually offline and generating an error. Not sure why being idle would cause any problems, and it would be an easy fix just to eliminate that one bit of logic to enable the script to be run manually.
if (indiState == INDI_IDLE)
            KSNotification::sorry(i18n("Cannot run startup procedure while INDI devices are not online."));

Any chance this can be fixed?

Thank you
1 year 10 months ago #65500

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Replied by Sergio on topic Manually Run Startup Script

This afternoon I tried the same (configure a startup script and try to run it manually) and received the same error. Thing is all INDI devices were connected, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Could any dev have a look at it, please? Thanks!
10 months 2 hours ago #80214

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