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Alignment reports error, bug in QHY driver?

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I just updated to the march release of indi/kstars to use the amazing new polar alignment. What a blast :-) But after the upgrade I have not had a  lot of success with the alignment module. I keep getting this error:

"Warning! The calculated field of view is out of bounds. Ensure the telescope focal length and camera pixel size are correct."

Never seen it before. This error is also displayed in the log:

 QHY CCD QHY2PRO-M-01010 :  "[ERROR] Invalid frame requested (0,0) (0 x 0) "

I have not seen this error before either. The image downloaded is fine.

The values displayed in Ekos with FOV, image scale, focal length and so on are all correct, as far as I can tell. But the alignment fails consistently when using "use scale".

A log is attached :-)
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