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Dither messes up guide exposure

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Replied by han on topic Dither messes up guide exposure

>>    Hy.
>>    Re the plate solving: I see you are using ASTAP. I reported an issue a while back with stellarsolver/ekos & ASTAP where ASTAP expects FOV degrees for the image height, but
>>is being sent the width degrees. This can be worked around by unsetting "Use Scale" or >>perhaps both unchecking "Use Scale" and "Use Position" in the align options  Scale & Position
>>menu when using ASTAP. You can test on your own as well by using the offline astap program. For instance, on my system astap is installed as /opt/astap/astap. So you
>>can >>run "/opt/astap/astap -help" to see its options, and, for instance, capture a fits you're having trouble with, and running "/opt/astap/astap -f FILE.fits" to solve it "blind" without
>>scale nor position. You can see the args stellarsolver is sending astap from your log--where it's >>adding in the scale (that's the -fov 1.36103 in your log) and the position (-ra 19.1981 -spd 75.0158).

I have asked the creator of StellarSolver, (Rob) for assistance and he thinks it a problem of Ekos. If he has time he is willing to look into it. I can't do much. At the moment I don't even know where to find the bug tracker of Ekos.

author of ASTAP
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