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14 Nov 2018
Glad to announce of release of INDI Library v1.7.5 on 2018-11-14. A few drivers were added in this release as we continue to improve & stabilize existing drivers.

TOPIC: Ubuntu Mate customized image for Raspberry PI 3?

Ubuntu Mate customized image for Raspberry PI 3? 10 months 3 days ago #23193

I edited the AstroPi3 Script today. There should be 3 improvements based on recommendations people have said over the last several days.

1. I added the ~/.config/kdeglobals file so that the breeze icons will work properly in KStars without needing the oxygen icon theme installed

2. I commented out the CUPS parallel printer Kernel modules that don't exist on raspberry pi in the cups config file so that the boot time is shorter.

3. I set Firefox to a version that works.



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