INDI Library v2.0.2 Released (01 Jun 2023)

Bi-monthly release with minor bug fixes and improvements

There two different versions of Sesto2 (Esatto) drivers between KStars OSX and INDI Web manager OSX

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I just downloaded the OSX version of INDI Web Manager and it worked really well - except for the Esatto focuser driver,
In the version of INDI built into KStars OSX you can choose the Esatto driver and it comes up as Esatto, and has all the bells and whistles of that focuser, such as backlash compensation.

But in the INDI Web Manager OSX version of INDI, it shows Esatto, but pops up as Sesto2 and does NOT have the advanced features.   Oddly, the Sesto2 driver in the built-in version of KSTars OSX does.

Here's the built-in version of the INDI Esatto Driver within KStars OSX.  Note the Backlash compensation:


Here's the OSX version go INDI Web Manager, showing Esatto:


But here's what driver gets loaded - which has fewer options, and no backlash compensation:



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Hi Peter,

That sounds very much like I need to update/rebuild the OS X INDI Web Manager program.  It might have been awhile since I compiled that one.  I have been rebuilding KStars a lot, every time a new release happens, but I may have fallen behind on releasing new versions of that other program.  I can probably do that in the next couple of days.  Sorry about that.


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