INDI Library v1.7.6 Released. (27 Feb 2019)

First release of 2019 comes with quite a few new drivers across the board along with significant performance improvements to INDI camera and live streaming performance. Many drivers received significant updates to improve performance & stability, while a few were re-written from scratch to be in line with INDI standards. Here are some of the highlights:

HitecAstro DC funny behavior

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HitecAstro DC funny behavior was created by Vox45

I have an HitecAstro DC focuser and while testing it I ran into a funny behavior:

1. In Focuser panel I click on "Focus In" and Then "Focus out" and the focuser behaves accordingly
2. I click multiple time on "Focus Out" and the focuser perform one step then wait 10 seconds, performs a second step, wait 10 seconds and so on.
3. if I wait 1 second between clicking, then the focuser reacts accordingly

I would expect that no matter how fast I click, if I am clicking 5 times this would move the focuser 5 steps in a row without any time out in between. The 10 seconds time out is quite upsetting :)

It took me a while to realize what was happening has I had clicked multiple time in, in, in, out, in, out, in, in, out, out, in ... and then had to wait a 100 seconds or so for my focuser to calm down ;)
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