INDI Library v1.7.8 Released (11 May 2019)

Mid year release of INDI Library v1.7.8 comes with a few drivers and improvements to to existing drivers.

Focuser Update in INDI 1.7.6 - Feedback

Focuser Update in INDI 1.7.6 - Feedback was created by knro

Folks, in INDI 1.7.6 (in GIT now), the INDI::FocuserInterface gained three standard properties since they are quite common for focusers:
1. Max Travel
2. Sync
3. Reverse Direction

So this let to quite a few changes in the driver that used to individually implement these bits and sometimes differently. I revised all the drivers in the repo, but I could have inadvertently broken something, so this is an advanced warning. If your focuser is working fine (with the new universal max travel), let me know here. For any issues post them there as well.
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