INDI Library v1.8.8 Released (09 Jan 2021)

Here are the changes from v1.8.7 to v1.8.8

Post your INDI Setup!

2 months 16 hours ago
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Post your INDI Setup! #63485
Very nice telescope transport system! I like the leveling handles a lot, they seem to be easier to use than mine and the wood accent makes them look great.

As far as short USB cables are concerned, I faced the same issue as you, most cables are too long, even the short one. What I ended up doing is buy USB 2 male A and B connectors (from Digikey or Mouser) so I could cut existing cables to length and solder the appropriate connector. One medium/long cable would give me 2 shorter ones. So, if you have soldering skills, you could do something similar.

Great work!

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2 months 11 hours ago
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Post your INDI Setup! #63500
Thanks Gilles for the info. I considered this option but didn't went that path yet because soldering USB connectors scares me a little.
I have been taking a look at the connectors at RS Components and I think I will try it.
USB 2 is only 4 wires so it should be doable even with shaky hands and poor eyesight...

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1 month 4 weeks ago
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Post your INDI Setup! #63543

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1 month 2 weeks ago
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Post your INDI Setup! #64082
That really looks like a (wire) clean setup with the processor on top, here in NC I have to worry a lot about humidity so I am not sure that would work for me. My setup is mobile, from my garage down the driveway, and I built a cart with one swivel wheel in the front to steer it.

I have 3 cameras and a filter wheel (with a thin OAG) mounted on my 9.25" SCT on a CGEM mount. The main imaging camera is either my SBIG 8300M or my new ZWO ASI533 MC, I have an SX Lodestar on the OAG for guiding, and I have a ZAO ASI120MC on an Orion 9x50 scope as an e-finder. The e-finder is very convenient for plate-solving as it has a decent FOV. I am controlling the equipment with an RPI 4 running the Astroberry Server, this sits in a plastic box on the base of the cart (so it can be covered). I have a powered 7 port Anchor USB 3.0 hub to connect all the devices to the Rpi (it seems to be working well). The hub is mounted to one of the legs of the tripod and so my wires run fairly free from the leg up to the scope and then to the devices.

I run the Astroberry Server from a laptop in the garage (where it is warm and bugless!). But I do have an inexpensive Android Tablet at the scope for the tasks of focus and polar alignment. I need to see the camera output while at the scope for those tasks and the 7" tablet (with a VNC client )works well enough for that.

My next step is to make the Rpi bootable from an SSD, hopefully making the system even more responsive and have enough memory to collect images and movie clips.

thanks for looking,

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