INDI Library v1.9.6 Released (21 May 2022)

Bi-monthly INDI Library released with new drivers and bug fixes.


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indi-allsky was created by Giles

I'm having a play with indi-allsky, and I have a few questions, don't know if someone can help me with these:

On the config, there is a "ADU ROI" - region of interest, I assume this is a box within the image to use to calculate the upcoming exposure length. The settings just say it is x1,y1 , x2,y2.
What are x1, y1 , x2 , y2?

I'm think it could be that x1,y1 is the top left of the box, measured in pixels from the top left of the overall image, and perhaps x2,y2 is the bottom right of the box, measured in pixels from the top left of the overall image? Would be nice to see this explained in better detail on the github page.

I don't see a way to purge the old (test) images that I've been producing, I deleted images in var/www/html/allsky/images/20220205/day/05_13/
 for instance, but I still see reference to the deleted images in the web interface. I assume there is a better way to purge the images?

What is the "EndOfNight" data that is transferred to the website? Images, Keograms, StrTrails I understand, but not sure what EndOfNight data is.

Looks like a nice tool, like the ideas of the Charts and Star Detection (yet to try them out though).
I blog my progress: www.coochey.net
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