INDI Library v1.9.9 Released (30 Nov 2022)

Bi-monthly INDI Library released with new drivers and bug fixes.

No problem - just sharing a huge project I am working on.

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I am using the Mosaic builder in EKOS to create a 24-panel mosaic of M31 through a C11. I have to capture four more panels on the far right of the galaxy, but here is what I have so far - in luminance only. The level of tiny detail I am getting surpasses anything I could get with my smaller scope. Since I want to create a 40" or 60" print, at 300 DPI, I wanted to show the tiniest details possible. The image here is only 2,400 pixels across. The mosaic is already 10,000 and will be more after I add the final row of 4 panels to the far right. At this resolution, the fine star clusters look amazing - and the background is littered with dozens of more distant galaxies. It is gorgeous and I cant wait to capture the RGB and Ha subs!

C11 EdgeHD f/7
iOptron CEM120 EC2
ASI1600MM Pro
Moonlight Litecrawler
Celestron OAG and Lodestar X2
Mosaic sequenced and captured with KStars / EKOS
Mosaic processed in Pixinsight

Here is one H-Alpha panel that shows the level of detail I am getting on the fine H-Alpha nebula within M31.

iOptron CEM120 EC2 and CEM25P
Celestron C11 EdgeHD and William Optics Star71
ASI 1600MM Pro, ASI 462MC
Moonlight Litecrawler (C11) and Motorfocus (WOStar71)
LodeStar X2 and ZWO OAG
Nextdome, AAG Cloudwatcher
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WOW! This looks mighty impressive! Looking forward to the final results!
Jasem Mutlaq
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