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INDI Library v1.8.0 is mostly a maintenance release to fix a few bugs in several drivers.

The puk/saddle, a solved mystery...

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The puk/saddle, a solved mystery... was created by Gonzothegreat

A while ago, I could not figure out why for example when the mount is pointing at a certain object in the sky, the solved picture would tell me that the mount isn't really pointing at that particular object. But now, the penny has dropped, eureka moment, it is to do with the orientation of the puk/saddle !!!
When I was looking at tuning this mount, I did find some posts on the Cloudy Nights forum about people changing the standard puk/saddle for some better ones.
On the astro-baby HEQ5 guide, you can see how the saddle is installed .
Astonishingly, it's held from only 3 grub screws!!! It's either a clever design or a stupid one really.
As I will get a new one, I will spend the time to align it perfectly.
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Replied by AstroNerd on topic The puk/saddle, a solved mystery...

It makes no difference which way the puck is put back, as PA takes care of the error..!!, the puck can got in any orientation, as long as mount and PA is done afterwards...
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