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INDI Library v1.8.0 is mostly a maintenance release to fix a few bugs in several drivers.

Focuser module went nuts last night!

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Focuser module went nuts last night! was created by PK

I have been using the EKOS autofocus flawlessly for a year. Ever since I added the Moonlight motorized focuser, EKOS perfectly performed my focusing needs. But last night, after six hours of working perfectly, it went crazy.

I have the max step size set to 25. I was watching it focus when suddenly it jumped 125 in one direction. Recognizing that the focus was now way off, instead of going back, it went further another 700! If that wasn't;t bad enough, the next jump was over 1600 and it racked my focuser way out! nFir the first time since January 2018 I had to get up and manually focus the scope.

I didn't have error logging on (never needed it for that module ever), so I have no logs. If its clear tonight I will try again.

Has anyone ever seen this?
What worked cause the program to do thus suddenly?

iOptron CEM25P
William Optics Star71
ASI 1600Mm Pro
Moonlight motorfocus
LodeStar X2 and ZWO OAG
7 months 1 week ago #33594

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