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Using darks with schedular

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Using darks with scheduler was created by mlarsson


A couple of times now, I have noticed that when running on the scheduler, and having "dark" checked in the focus module, the scheduler stops and asks for my help in capturing a dark (I have a DSLR) - even though there SHOULD be an available dark in the library. THat is, I have produced a dark just prior to starting the schedule. And last night, it did first ask me for assistance in covering the scope and so on, and I complied. THen the scheduler continued. But a few subs later, when it was time to focus again, it asked me for assistance again. THis time I was asleep.... so procedure was halted here.

What is going on here? Am I missing something in how to handle the darks? Log is attached.


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Replied by knro on topic Using darks with schedular

It's possible there a temperature difference that caused this. Go to Settings --> Ekos --> Dark Library, and change T. Threshold to something larger than 1 (default). So by default a different in temperature more than 1 degrees would invalidate the dark frame, but you can control this range. Please test and report back.
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