INDI Library v1.7.9 Released (23 Jun 2019)

INDI Library v1.7.9 is mostly a maintenance release to fix a few bugs in several drivers.

Adding a new device category?

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Adding a new device category? was created by Gregj888

I did quick search, but didn't get a hit.

What's involved with adding a new device category? I can fool the system into supporting an instrument selector by calling it a filter wheel, or by writing a script in EKOS. It would be nice to add it as an actual device though, as it would be less confusing.

Yes, I know none of the clients would initially support a new category, but some might over time.

There are two other instruments that would be nice to automate: an ADC and spectrometer. The spectrometer might be difficult as they can have more moving parts, but a few simple commands might be enough to get moving.

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