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How to log the align module

1 year 8 months ago
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How to log the align module #38756
I originally meant to write this note about a bug I saw trying to plate solve near the meridian (see the PS below).
I had logging turned on for all Ekos modules, see the attached logging.png image (and it was checked many days ago and restarted many times).
In the log I've attached, you'll see there is only one line from the align module, even though it did a plate solve a couple of times, and it ran through many iterations of those solves.
Did I do something wrong, or is there not a way to log that module?

Further, I would have liked to just cut-and-paste the output from the log portion of the alignment tab, but I couldn't figure out a way to cut/paste that text.
There was no copy or any menu popped up with a right click. I'm running this on a Raspberry Pi, StellarmateOS, over VNC.
How do you cut/paste from those Ekos windows?

Running the latest version of StellarMateOS (Kstars 3.2) on a RPi.


PS The original bug I was trying to report, but the attached log won' be of much use, unfortunately, would have shown that at about 21:41 local time (pacific) I tried to have the align module plate solve the Leo Triplet. I didn't realize, but it was about 1 minute before Meridian at the time. What it did was it slewed to just before it would have had to flip, found it was within 1 33' of the target, then slewed to the other side of the meridian, took a picture, found it was within 2 42' of the target, took another pic, again found it was within 2 42', and repeated picture taking and being within 2 42' until it ran out of iterations. (Perhaps the issue was related to changing sides of the meridian during an alignment sequence?) I suspect this had to do with that, so I parked it, waited 10 minutes, and it had no problems slewing, plate solving and getting within 10" of the target in a few iterations. I'd like to document this more carefully next time I see it happen, if this information isn't sufficient to debug it, please let me know if/how I might turn on the logging. Thanks.

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