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INDI Library v1.8.0 is mostly a maintenance release to fix a few bugs in several drivers.

lx200 classic/skychart/indi over wifi

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lx200 classic/skychart/indi over wifi was created by astrogene1000_stuff

Hello all, first post here!

I am trying to use INDI/Skychart to control an lx200 classic running 3.4 roms across TCP/wifi to the scope

Every time I attempt a slew, IDNI starts reporting 'Error reading RA/DEC'

Two things:
1) The 3.4 roms upon receiving a ":D#" returns 33 bytes.
The code in lx200driver.cpp IsSlewComplete asks for 8 bytes not 33
I changed this to 33 but still have the same issue
// OLD error_type = tty_nread_section(fd, data, 8, '#', LX200_TIMEOUT, &nbytes_read);
error_type = tty_nread_section(fd, data, 33, '#', LX200_TIMEOUT, &nbytes_read);

2) Are scope commands thread safe?
Doing a tcpdump against the link port on the remote machine connected to the scope I see
multiple simultaneous commands issued prior to the first response being received.
INDI sends :D#, remote starts sending but prior to all 33 bytes being received (only part of the 33) then :GR#:GD# is sent
the remote completes the 33 send and then the response to :GR#:GD# is sent.

Attached is a wireshark pcap of the tcp communications showing this.

Thanks for any insight!


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Replied by astrogene1000_stuff on topic lx200 classic/skychart/indi over wifi

Seems my ' : D # 's commands got replaced by emoji's :(

The indi_lx200_basic driver works, just no bells and whistles trying to readout the distance from target response
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