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Gamepad connection

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Gamepad connection #42025
I am using Kstars/Ekos on my Windows 10 PC. The Indi server is running on an old Linux desktop. I am using the EQMod driver for my EQ6 mount. All the equipment is connected to the Linux desktop. The PC talks to the Indi server over the local network. When I setup the Indi EQMod driver I set it up to use the gamepad to control slewing, rate adjustments and syncs. The gamepad is a listed Indi driver. I was wondering since I Am running Kstars/Ekos on my Windows machine whether I can just connect the gamepad to my Windows machine rather than the Linux machine. After all the gamepad is a mouse like device and mymouse is connected directly to Windows.
On another note I wish the Indi EQMod driver incorporated audio prompts when doing certain actions. Its nice to hear an audio announcement that you have successfully changed the slew rate. This is the way the Ascom version works.

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