INDI Library v1.8.1 Released (09 Sep 2019)

Monthly maintenance release INDI v1.8.1

Rock64 Resurrection

3 months 4 weeks ago
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Rock64 Resurrection #42063
Last year, some of us were trying to get a Rock64 to work well with INDI & KStars on Ubuntu-MATE. We had lots of trouble, but the main issue was a black screen any time we tried to remotely access it. That ended up pretty much being a show stopper, even though we got mostly everything else to work. So I gave up on it for awhile. Then when I was revising my scripts over the last 2 weeks, I tried it again, and it still had troubles with VNC even using a different version of ubuntu.

So today, I thought I would try with a different distribution. So I tried Armbian Debian on the Rock64 and in fact the VNC connection worked great!!! So I adapted my script to make a new one specifically for Debian systems like the one I had running on the Rock 64. github.com/rlancaste/AstroPi3/blob/master/setupDebianSBC.sh . It works!

it might be useful for astro imaging yet!!


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