INDI Library v1.8.3 Released (02 Jan 2020)

Minor monthly bugfix release with a new RainbowAstro mount driver and improved pier side simulation.

Continued issues with EKOS (guiding)

3 weeks 48 minutes ago
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Continued issues with EKOS (guiding) #47619
I have been out using Stars/Ekos over the past 10 days and still have some buggy issues.

The main one is that in Guiding, the subframe with autostar do not work at all. When I try it, the auto star selects a blank area - and so can't find a guidestar. After it fails and retries, it again selects a blank area of sky!
I have to manually select a star each time.

After dithering, it can take about 45 seconds before EKOS puts the guidestar back in the center and gets stables again. I am unable to capture an image again until this happens otherwise the guiding deviation limit is reached.

Kstars: 3.3.9
Ubuntu 16.04 on a NanoPC T4


iOptron CEM25P
William Optics Star71
ASI 1600Mm Pro
Moonlight motorfocus
LodeStar X2 and ZWO OAG

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