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KStars 3.5.0 OSX autofocus couldn't be turned off

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EKOS 3.5 OSX forced auto focus at the start of imaging.

I was starting an image sequence tonight, the first time with 3.5 on the Mac.
I did not want to have the imager start an autofocus process, but it kept trying. I made sure the filter setting was NOT set to autofocus, but it still kept trying to focus at the start of my imaging session.
I only got it to stop when I changed my profile to remove the focuser. Once I restarted INDI it worked, and did not try to focus.

In the past, EKOS would only focus if I had the filter autofocus set, or if I had set the auto focus option in the CCD imaging module.
Now it seems autofocus can't be turned off if EKOS detects that you have an electronic focuser.

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I'm running EKOS 3.5.0 compiled from source on a raspberry pi 4 8 GB (64-bit ubuntu mate) and experienced the same.
I was about to take flats, and all tickboxes for focus was unchecked in the capture menu. The first thing Ekos did was to call focus upon filter change.
Changing focus when taking flats is probably not what we want.

Else, I must say that stellarsolver and multistar guiding is working really great. Great work!

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