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What does 'On Set' means in mount drivers?

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In mount drivers, under the Main Control tab, there is a menu option 'On Set'. Options are 'Track', 'Slew' and 'Sync'. What is this used for/what does it do?
I'm trying to use the Rainbow Astro RST-135E with INDI, and have difficulties syncing plate-solves to the mount. 
From the supplemental manual of the mount is reads that when doing syncs using ASCOM, the option 'Star Alignment' in the Sync box needs to be ticked. I was wondering if something like that needs doing in INDI/Ekos as well?
With my 10Micron mount, the Solve and Sync option from INDI/Ekos always worked perfectly and worked the same as when using the hand controller. But for the Rainbow Astro, I have not yet figured out a way to run the alignment procedure from INDI/Ekos, so stuck with the handcontroller for this. 
Willem Jan Drijfhout
1 month 2 weeks ago #75222

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