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EQMOD Slew issue

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I'm trying once again to migrate from Windows 10/NINA/ASCOM to Kubuntu LTS/Ekos/INDI, in a permanent and remote observatory, but I'm facing a strange problem.

I'm using the latest stable version of Kstars with an EQ6 mount. Connecting to eqmod was successful, the polar alignment tool was a pleasure to use and setting a new park position worked fine too.

The problem it's that every time I try to slew the mount to West (ex.: from parked position or from East), the mount does not flip.  When pointing east the counterweights are facing down as they should but when the mount is slewing to  West the weights keep going up, causing the setup to almost hit the pier.

I've never had any problems like this with ASCOM.

There's anyone facing the same issue?
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