INDI Library v1.8.7 Released (21 Nov 2020)

Nov. 2020 Release brings significant improvements to streaming and recording videos. Support for new drivers including Estatto focuser and Pegasus falcon rotator.

specific question about set get eval

4 years 6 months ago
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specific question about set get eval #8361
Here's the problem

I've to move the mount (skywatcher az-eq6) to a couple of angles. I saw in other topics that other users manager to move the mount. In a page of the developer manual, there's a description of the set_prop get_prop tools, but not the actions or the properties, argument to write in the tools in command line. Another question is the following: The set get and eval call any sort of executable on the server or client? If yes, where are situated the related repositories?

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4 years 6 months ago
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specific question about set get eval #8436
I see nobody has responded.

When you install indi, two command line utilities are included, indi_getprop and indi_setprop. Either of them will give a rundown of how they should be used with the -h paramater for help. ie indi_getprop -h at the command line.

I use them in scripts to configure test setups, here is an example that configures my simulator setup with specific parameters after I start it.

# set up the mount

#now the guide camera
indi_setprop testguide.CONNECTION.CONNECT=On
indi_setprop testguide.CONFIG_PROCESS.CONFIG_LOAD=On

#now the imaging camera
indi_setprop testccd.CONNECTION.CONNECT=On
indi_setprop testccd.CONFIG_PROCESS.CONFIG_LOAD=On

#now the focusser
indi_setprop focus.CONNECTION.CONNECT=On
indi_setprop focus.CONFIG_PROCESS.CONFIG_LOAD=On

#everybody is connected, now turn on the wcs control on the guider
indi_setprop testguide.WCS_CONTROL.WCS_ENABLE=On
indi_setprop testguide.TELESCOPE_TYPE.TELESCOPE_GUIDE=On
#and make the guider produce larger stars
indi_setprop focus.SEEING_SETTINGS.SIM_SEEING=35
#and prime it with a focusser setting

#now make the mount reload, so everybody gets correct focal lengths

#and now lets connect the dome
indi_setprop TestDome.CONNECTION.CONNECT=On
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