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Mount Home and Ekos Home not sync'd

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What is the correct way to tell Ekos the telescope is at its home position, when Ekos/KStar incorrectly thinks scope is not at its home position? Somehow Ekos got confused, and I wasn't clear how to reset it. Rebooting everything didn't help. Upon reboot, and reset of scope to home position manually, Kstars thinks the scope was somewhere far from Polaris. I tried PURGING DATA for park position on SiteManagement tab of the MOUNT in INDI Control Panel, but message said there was nothing to purge. The only thing I could do was have Ekos issue a "Park" command, let scope slew to the position Ekos thought was home, then after the slewing stopped, reset the scope so it in fact was at the home position (scope is iOptronCEM60, so this just involves disengaging clutches and swinging scope to true home position). But this is tedious and unreasonable. What's the correct way to do this?

The Ekos MOunt Module 'SYNC' command I assume does n't help here, as I assume it tells the mount where Ekos thinks the scope is pointing, but scope is not pointing there.

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Make sure you mount is in home position, pointing at Polaris I assume, Turn it all on and then unpark, now go to Polaris on the Kstars map and right click and slew to, when the mount slews it then wont be pointing at Polaris, that’s fine, ekos think it is at this point, so with it all still powered up, loosen the clutches and put back to home position, then in ekos right click again on Polaris then on the mount, then click “set as park”....that’s it, each time you power on now with scope in home position it will be pointing at Polaris in ekos... :)
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Hi guys,
I have a similar question. My Celestron mount and EKOS act in the same way. You referred to a home position pointing towards Polaris. My home position is flat means, weights pointing east mount and OTA are in 90 deg angel.
Is there a place in ekos to enter the right home coordinates?
On the mount page are coordinates but I think these are the current point where the OTA looks to.

Thank you Gunter
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Hi, I had the same problem with my EQ5_pro when changing scopes. When I re-started EKOS it thought the mount was still in the Parked position. The key is to unpark the mount in EKOS, switch it off, then manually move the mount to the home position. Then switch on the mount and re-start EKOS and it shows the correct position. I then GOTO a star in the region I will be imaging and plate-solve to get the alignment precise.
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