INDI Library v1.7.6 Released. (27 Feb 2019)

First release of 2019 comes with quite a few new drivers across the board along with significant performance improvements to INDI camera and live streaming performance. Many drivers received significant updates to improve performance & stability, while a few were re-written from scratch to be in line with INDI standards. Here are some of the highlights:

Celestron NexStar driver doesn't report azimuth?

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Celestron NexStar driver doesn't report azimuth? was created by pmeloy

I have my CGEM DX working great with indi and kstars and also have my NexDome working with the CW/CCW buttons. I can slave the dome to the Telescope simulator and have it operate just fine. What I can't do is operate the dome with the Celestron NexStar driver (updated today so it's not an old driver).

I had a quicky look at the source and I can't find anything about azimuth in celestrondriver and only comments and park settings in celestrongps.

Looking at the telescope simulator code it looks like the celestron driver is simply missing the needed code so it can't be used with a dome.
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