INDI Library v1.8.5 Released (19 Apr 2020)

April 2020 release of INDI Library v1.8.5 introduces new drivers while providing fixes and improvements to existing devices and core framework.

Site elevation not saving, UTC offset may be incorrect, and more going wrong .

8 months 1 week ago 8 months 1 week ago by mpfjr.
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Site elevation not saving, UTC offset may be incorrect, and more going wrong . #45269
10Micron Lx200 indi driver

Under Ekos settings I have "mount informs kstars"
When I select my area on the geographic location and put in my coordinates, or pick a city that is near me, it says -8 for UTC offset. Currently we have a modified offset due to DST so I am at -7. While it shows -8 within kstars geographic, the indi driver panel correctly displays -7.

Within the indi driver panel I put in my geographic coordinates because ekos doesn't seem to get them from kstars and kstars isn't getting the data from the mount it seems. So I put in the lat and long and elevation and press "set". However most of the time the elevation will not update. Set does not place a number into the value box.

If I disconnect the mount and re-connect, that sometimes lets me enter a value and click "set" to update the box. However, once I disconnect the mount and re-connect, the value is back to zero. And yes, I did and do "save configuration" after updating the values.

Also wanted to mention that I get tracking info not supported yellow text in the log box most times. Or maybe it is tracking rate? I can't remember what it says but everything about "tracking" doesn't seem to work for me. Using the mount control panel in ekos, Park works fine. Unpark seems to work fine too. Changing tracking rate to solar seems to work and changing it back to sidreal seems to work too. Also custom tracking rate works. But lunar I believe does not do anything. No change when I select it.

Also the mount control panel button for stop or track does not stop or start tracking. The pop out mount control panel allows me to use the arrows to slew the mount around but the stop button in the center does nothing.

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