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question about iOptron Sky Guider Pro

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Hi there,I saw this post about the Delta RMS threshold exceeded, and I experienced the same issue the other night and I've had constant trouble in trying to guide correctly. I am still learning on what's right/wrong, if it is settings vs SGP polar scope or just I'm not polar aligned correctly when I sling to a target?I have tested a dot on the piece of paper on the wall and turned the RA 360deg to see if it goes out of the crosshairs. It's very hard to tell as I move my head slightly then the scope view moves too - but from my minor testing it slightly moves out of the crosshairs and back in I believe.Would that be enough to cause issues too, or would the slight movement be my head ? haha.  Also I read that I should put the guiding rate at 1 not 0.5 for SGP for DSO is that incorrect?I know it's a lot to take in, but I am confused, I've attached some logs which I can't seem to decipher the issue and a screenshot of the guiding.I'd love some feedback/advice if possible!Steve
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