INDI Library v1.8.4 Released

Minor bugfix release with some highlights:

Automatic slewing with polar align iEQ45 not working

4 days 12 hours ago
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Automatic slewing with polar align iEQ45 not working #51175
Hi there,

When trying out polar alignment with the iEQ45 (not pro version and using HC8406 driver) I see I can't select a slew speed. I've attached the print-screen here:

So, next I checkbox 'manual slew' and just rotate the mount for something that seems like 30 degree, twice. It works all fine, but it involves a manual step that I'd rather see automated.

Why can't I select the speed here?


Using a 15cm wavefront concentrator on an earth rotation cancellator device - a few photon discriminator plates - a spatially resolved photon transformation device... and Stellarmate!

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