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Failed meridian flip

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Failed meridian flip was created by Lenny

My mount failed to solve its position after a meridian flip the other night and I was wondering if there was an issue or if it was something with my setup. I had it set to flip 0.2 degrees past. 

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log file attached. Would really appreciate some feedback if it was my fault :)

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Your mount needs a longer period beyond culmination for the flip to succeed. See for instance this discussion:

Wouter van Reeven

ASI6200MM and 7 slot 2" filter wheel with a SkyWatcher Esprit 80 ED on a SkyWatcher HEQ5-Pro
ASI1600MM-Pro Cooled and 5 slot 1.25" filter wheel with an 8" TS Ritchey-Chrétien on a SkyWatcher EQ6-R
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