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Stellarmate Align Module Problem

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Last night while using my gear to image M45, I had a problem where the align module would never reach the 60arcsec accuracy during a solve/slew. The target actually seemed centered but the module kept reporting an error of around 366 arcsecs. It ran a solve/sync without any issues. I went outside to watch the solve/slew after the MF and noticed there was one correction after the flip (from the solver )but there never seemed to be any additional movement at all for all the subsequent attempts to re-center during the solve. It is as if the centering is actually good but the solver, for some reason, thinks it isn't and keeps trying to correct it but the mount never moves because it is already aligned.
I also noticed the FOV was in red text suggesting to change the "effective" FL in mm to speed up solving. The supplied FL (242mm) is correct for the EVOGuide 50ED so I am not sure what that is about.
I realize that I need to run the debugger for this to generate some logs but it was late and I didn't want to interfere with my imaging run. Thought I would mention it here in case others were experiencing the same or had seen it before and could offer suggestions.

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I'm not an expert, but perhaps I can relate my own experience.  I have two mounts...

My Meade LX85 is a relatively low-cost mount that has substantial backlash on both axises.  Because of the large backlash, it has difficulty making small movements during the align process.  I'm lucky to get the error under 300 arc-seconds.  I usually set it for 360 arc-seconds (1/10th of a degree) and let it go.  There is very little change from one step to another once it gets within a few arc-minutes.  Also, for most targets I don't need to be very accurate... unless it's full frame.

My SkyWatcher EQ6-R Pro is a medium-priced mount that has little backlash and better step motors.  I can easily get under 30 arc-seconds in 2-3 steps.

I'm guessing that if I had a high-end mount (one of these days-- fingers crossed) I would get even closer.

Also, when the mount gets close, you are unlikely to detect movement as they are very tiny.

Hope this helps.

Mounts: Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro, Meade LX85
OTAs: Celestron 8" Edge HD w/HyperStar, Meade 80mm APO Triplet Refractor
Cameras: ASI533MC Pro, ASI183MC Pro, ASI224MC, ASI120MC-S, ZWO ASI290MM
Computing: Raspberry Pi 4 with Stellarmate OS, ASIAir Plus, MacBook Pro
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Thanks for the reply Ron.

Lower end mount it is....iOptron ZEQ25 and I am using a large FOV scope/camera setup as well. I'll try your 360arcsecs. accuracy and see how I get along.

Thanks much for the reply and clear skies....

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I get this kind of errors sometimes and I have noticed that it happens only when mount is in a certain position. Guessing its down to mount balancing or some such issue.

Celestron Astromaster 130 on HEQ5 Pro mount, ZWO ASI224mc, 30mm guidescope with ASI120mm mini. All managed using Kstars/Ekos on RPi with Astroberry build.
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