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Raspberry pi4 with stellarmate OS has lost stellarmate wifi

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I loaded stellarmate OS onto a raspberry pi 4 and was able to get the stellarmate wifi to appear , then added my home wifi to KSTARS and and was able to talk to sky watcher azgi wifi mount using a windows PC, ipad and iphone.   next day .....no stellarmate wifi.
rebooting doesn't help.    Stellarmate wifi doesn't show up on windows pc, ipad or iphone.    I can get into KSTARs using my home wifi, just not thru stellarmate wifi.   of course without stellarmate wifi can't connect to mount.    any one have any trouble shooting ideas?     Mount wifi SSID appears just fine.
I am a novice with my first time using  raspberry pi .....so please with any recommendation make it simple. 
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I may be completely out-to-lunch, but does Stellarmate bother launching it's own hotspot WiFi if it can establish a connection your home network WiFi? If you're using the phone app, I think you can establish a second alternate connection to your equipment that uses your home WiFi, so you end up with a choice of using either (depending on which is available). In the past, I remember disabling my 5G home WiFi temporarily, so I could get it to create it's own network as an alternative (disclaimer: this may not have been for Stellarmate, but for a Ubuntu installation).

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Yes, the OS will prefer a wifi network it can connect to over the hotspot if available.

You should be able to forget your home network via the app or by vpn'ing into StellarMate via the local interface. I think you can also switch to the hotspot via vpn, not 100% sure.
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