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Numerous issues with Stellarmate and the app

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I bought Stellarmate OS 3 days ago as it has a mobile app that I wanted to use. Coming from Astroberry I thought that all that posts that it is unusable are fakes (you just need to setup everything correctly as in Astroberry I thought). However, now I understand why there is many negative posts. My experience went from good to bad, I managed to run everything on the first one or two boots, and then features just deasppeared.

1. When I loaded first time I got a crash with toupcam driver
Warning: Spoiler!

2. Next I pressed update through the VNC (it was the latest version already but some update was pending) and after update kstars shortcut disappeared from the descctop as well as 2 other shortcuts. (fixed)
3. So I had to reinstall stellarmate and here comes "no hotspot" issue. I tried 3 different sdcards (usual, A1 , V30) and both 32 and 64bit versions. Finally I have some sdcard that works. Thats fixed.
4. Then I could see device and connect it to home wifi but got a message "EkosLive is down", tried all steps in faq - no luck. Tried to start ekos manually through VNC - no help. Reinstall app - no luck. Decided to reinstall os again (not fixed)
5. After 3 other fresh installs app deceted device only once(!) . No I can't connect though the app at all in different os versions(32/64 bit, different sd cards), I can't even access the step "EkosLive is down", I tried to enter IP manually but the app doesn't see it(!), BUT I can access through МТС from the same smartphone(!) and through bonjour discovery name(!!) in the browser! So the issue is ddifenetly in the app. Not even a reinstall helps. (not fixed)

So I have to use Stellarmate OS same as Astroberry through VNC, the only benefit (the app) simply doesn't work for me.

PS As a mobile developer I've seen lots of apps, lots fo legacy code, but I have never had such bad experience as a user. Probably that's React Native issue, probably some internal logic. More effort should be put into mobile, it's such a waste of opportunity
1 year 8 months ago #85214

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Sorry to hear about your troubles.

1. What's the SM App version (and bundle)?
2. Can you check from the tablet browser if you can reach WebManager? i.e. stellarmate.local:8624 does this page load up?
3. Can you share logs from SM Dashboard? stellarmate.local --> Diagnostics --> Logs --> EkosLive

I will upload an updated image for the 32/64 after latest updates, but I'd like to get your issues resolved first.
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Jasem, I have an update about my issues.

1. Somehow I decided to try previous version, downloaded apk from apkpure and 2.5.1 connects and works! It can see stellarmate, it can connect, it starts ekos and devices. So I conclude that the issue is in 2.5.2. I had only one issue with 2.5.1 when it didn't connect, but anyway it is not 3 days of struggling. I will continue testing it.
2. Yes, I did that. As I said, webmanager and VNC were accessible from the same smartphone, while the app didn't see it, same as manual IP address didn't help.
3. I can
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