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FireCapture INDI connection

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Wandering about in the settings for FireCapture on Windows, I noticed an option for connecting to an INDI server. Has anyone tried this? Normally I just unplug the camera from my Pi and into the Windows computer to capture planetary video, but it might be nice to leave everything plugged in so that I can go back and forth from DSO to planetary, and leverage plate solving and such from my comfortable StellarMate OS environment.

I could just install and run FireCapture on the Pi, but I'm not sure how it would perform. I connect to the Pi with an Ethernet cable, so there's at least a chance of pretty good throughput if I don't bog the Pi down with the overhead of running the software locally. I've seen some complaints about poor performance but don't know if that's still the case with a Pi 4 and more up-to-date software. I'm running an ASI183MM over USB 3, and of course I'm capturing a small ROI when doing planets.
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I suggest you download and install FireCapture 2.7.10 from FireCapture.de and test it out!
Astroberry installations come with FC already, and it runs well on RPi 4 4GB models. So I use KStars/Ekos/Indi initially for PA etc, then ‘disconnect’ the main camera in the appropriate Indi tab, minimise all KStars windows and then open FC. I run with 1FPS preview screen during capture to keep the CPU activity down, and look at the CPU activity and memory occupancy graphs just to be certain. I have found a bug which about half the time makes some dialogue windows seem unresponsive. Everything works, but the point of cursor focus and the object being targeted are horizontally displaced from each other [there are some screenshot example images on a thread on this subject I started in the FireCapture forum groups.io/g/firecapture/topic/94299847#2828].
Currently running KStars/Ekos/Indi on two Raspberry Pi 4Bs 4GByte under Raspberry Pi OS thanks to Astroberry
Two mounts, two Fracs, a Newt and a Mak and a couple of OSC cameras.
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