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Serial Assistant and the 'serial' attributes

4 months 3 weeks ago
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Serial Assistant and the 'serial' attributes #41139
The Serial Assistant currently displays the 'serial' attribute (for serial devices with the same id).
Is there an easier way to add the serial attribute without going through the manual procedure of discovering the 'serial' attribute value and then writing a new rules file which I am sure is very daunting to users that do not know linux reasonably well.

I think by the time you have fairly complete setup you will have more than one serial device sharing the same id. I know you could you do hardware mapping but that is not an ideal solution as it is yet another thing that can go wrong when trying to get setup for the evening.

I now have the following connected and working well:
- HEQ 5 mount
- EOS 6D camera
- QHY guide camera
- SensoSesto focusser
- Pegasus powerbox
- 2 dew heaters (built into the Pegasus)
All attached to a powered USB hub. All powered from the powerbox so I only need one source of power (mains or battery).

Esprit 100
Skyliner 200p
WO ZS 61
Stellarmate on RPi 3B
Sesto Senso focusser
Arduino focusser
HEQ5 with belt mod
QHY5II-Mono guide camera
EOS6D - not modified

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