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Stellarmate App - What can it do?

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Stellarmate App - What can it do? #44415

I am looking to improve control of my AP setup. I have INDI/EKOS set up on a Laptop and on a RPi running Manjaro, but I would like to have a more streamlined interface. Here the StellarMate App (hopefully) comes into play. What are its limitations compared to the full EKOS experience and what functionality is exposed through the app? I would need the following:

- Interface with an astronomy program to select targets, slew and see my FOV based on the current plate solve. Which ones can I use on android?
- Plate solving and syncing and slew to target.
- Autofocusing
- Polar alignment assistant
- Full camera control with cooling, gain, offset, etc.
- Capture sequence for multiple filters with AF between filter changes. Multiple targets would be nice, but not really required.
- Guiding. Can it be setup so that PHD2 is used on the host?

I am using the following setup, all of which work with a custom INDI/EKOS setup:
- ASI183MM Pro and ASI120MM
- ZWO 8x EFW
- Vixen GP with SynScan - EQMOD
- Custom motor focus with indi-driver available through github.
- On occasion a Canon 1000Da or Nikon D3100

Any insights or recommendations? I also have been looking at the ASIAIR, but it seems that the system is pretty closed up and I wouldn't be able to get my focuser working.

A time limited demo version of the StellarMate software would be nice for evaluation ;)

Thank you

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