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Found a good Power Bank for RPI4 / Stellarmate

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Wanted to post this in case others were looking for the same.

Been looking for something that can power the Pi4 all night but is portable/mobile. All the power banks I have are supposedly 2.4A @ 5V but the voltage dips a little when current is drawn, causing undervoltage errors on the Pi. I know the Pi 4 is rated at 3A but that's under full load. 

Took a gamble on this guy and have been very pleased with the results:
"Charmast Power Bank with Led Display 23800mAh Quick Charge 3.0 PD18W USB C Battery Pack"

It ran the Pi4 today for 2 hours and it dropped just 10% battery without a single undervoltage error :) :)

I did buy the 5 Amp USB C cable with it just to be sure:

I run the mount off a different power bank, but the Pi4 has USB ports in use for the camera, mount and a USB GPS. No powered hub.

If this post is in the wrong place please feel free to move it.
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Good to know. I'm using for months one of those

Baseus 65W 30000mAh USB C PD

I connect the RPi with a ASI120MM-S and an ASI533MC attached and a OnStep mount driver (consumes below 2A) and I've been able to run the setup for more that 6h

About the ASI533MC: the cooling is connected to a second battery. If I try to connect the cooler to a single battery, I overload it and it stops. So the easy solution was to use a second battery (of the same kind) to run the cooler.

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