INDI Library v1.7.6 Released. (27 Feb 2019)

First release of 2019 comes with quite a few new drivers across the board along with significant performance improvements to INDI camera and live streaming performance. Many drivers received significant updates to improve performance & stability, while a few were re-written from scratch to be in line with INDI standards. Here are some of the highlights:

Feature request in Ekos for planetary imaging

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Feature request in Ekos for planetary imaging was created by andreok

Hi Jasem,

I’m a big fan of INDI+Ekos (specially Ekos’ Align Module and INDI’s Alignment Subsystem), but I miss some features for planetary imaging that I used to have back on my Windows+ASCOM days, and I lost when I migrated to Mac OS X/Linux+INDI.

Here’s my Ekos feature request list for planetary imaging:
1- Capture Module: Include video file capture of SER files, and present a field for Duration (sec), besides Frame Count, as available as Record Options under Streaming tab of CCD drivers. Also provide an option for using WinJupos’ file naming convention for files: “yyyymmdd-hhmm[_][c]-Observer[-Info].ext”;
2- Guide Module: Include feature guiding to enable tracking of transits of interior planets and improving tracking of Lunar/Planetary features for impact detection, like Nudger does for lunar features , SharpCap does for Solar/Lunar/Planetary features , Dave’s Solar System Recorder (DSSR) does for Lunar Craters/Solar Spots and Prominences/Asteroids/Planetesimals/Sunspots/Comets , and FireCapture does for Planetary and Full Disk Lunar/Solar imaging ;
3- Guide Module: Enable guide using Alt-Az mounts, unfortunately Dave’s Solar System Recorder (DSSR) ( starrydave.com/?page_id=11 ) is the only one I know that does this;

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